Calibration Service

Cincinnati Test Systems -Schreiner performs precision pressure calibration and flow calibration of every one of our leak test instruments during the manufacturing process. However, annual instrument recalibration is required to keep quality standards up-to-date and to ensure that the parts being shipped meet specification.

To help you maintain the accuracy of your leak test instruments, CTS-Schreiner offers complete factory and onsite instrument calibration services.

CTS-Schreiner’s Instrument Recalibration Process

  • Our instrument calibration service includes thorough pressure and flow circuit tests to determine instrument accuracy across all pressure ranges
  • To ensure accuracy and repeatability, CTS-Schreiner uses the same pressure calibration and flow calibration systems for recalibration that we do for initial in-house equipment calibration
  • A specially trained technician performs an inspection and runs the instrument’s self-test cycle to determine the overall condition of your instrument
  • Each transducer range is digitally recalibrated using a multi-point pressure calibration process and, if equipped, a multi-point flow calibration process
  • All pressure calibration and flow calibration is performed with certified gages traceable to ISO 17025 standards
  • We perform complete instrument system backup to a USB flash drive
  • Upon completion, we issue a CTS-Schreiner Calibration Certificate to document “as found” and “as left” specifications

Recalibration Options: Factory or On-Site

To provide the recalibration service you need without causing undue disruption of your day-to-day operations, we offer both factory and on-site equipment calibration.

For CTS-Schreiner factory equipment calibration, simply disconnect your instrument and ship it back to our manufacturing facility.

For on-site instrument calibration service, our technician(s) will travel to your facility on a scheduled service call. Your instrument remains connected while we recalibrate and recertify its accuracy. A key advantage of on-site equipment calibration is reduced machine downtime – your leak test instrument will be fully recalibrated and back in production with minimal delay.

A2LA Accuracy Standards

The Cincinnati Test Systems factory calibration lab in Harrison, OH is A2LA Accredited and all equipment calibration processes are ISO 17025:2005 certified. CTS uses NIST traceable pressure calibration and flow calibration systems in our instrument calibration services.

Contact Us for Full-Service Pressure Calibration & Flow Calibration

Cincinnati Test Systems -Schreiners instrument calibration & Check-up services will help you get the best results out of your leak testing system. Contact us to learn more.