Certified Leak Standards

CTS-Schreiner Leck Standards
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  • Traceable to NIST
  • Manufactured in an ISO 17025:2005 accredited lab
  • Mount to instrument port, master calibration parts, or plug directly into test line
  • Can be used to control flow applications
  • Available in multiple different body styles
  • Shipment within 10 working days

Leak Standards certified according to ISO 17025:2005

CTS-Schreiner provides leak standards for a diverse range of leak and flow testing applications. The leak standards are manufactured to precision tolerances based upon the specific flow and pressure requirements. Our leak standards are manufactured in a lab that is A2LA accredited and ISO 17025:2005 certified insuring that the strictest controlled calibration procedures are followed during the course of the manufacturing process. The leak standards are provided with calibration certificates traceable to NIST.

Accuracy and Tolerances

Flow Range: 0.49 scc/m or less Flow Accuracy ±6.5 %
Manufacturing Tolerance ±20 %
Flow Range: 0.50 to 7.0 scc/m Flow Accuracy ±0.1 scc/m
Manufacturing Tolerance ±0.1 scc/m
Flow Range: 7.0 scc/m or greater Flow Accuracy ±1.4 %
Manufacturing Tolerance ±1.0 %

Leak Standards Data Sheet

CTS-Schreiner Calibrated Leak Standards